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    Market Research

    Market Research and Online Selling

    Since our inception in 2004 we have acquired in depth knowledge of the online marketplace which is targeted specifically at the beauty industry. As a result we are in a unique position to provide detailed market research and online sales opportunities focused on our client’s specific set of needs.

    The web is a truly global marketplace with the largest opportunity and potential customer base, which makes it the MOST important place for your business to thrive in. If you’ve made it here, you don’t really need anything else! But this globality comes with its own set of unique challenges: 

    • Your competitors are not just across the street or across town, they are also across the world.
    • There is an unlimited number of competitors and it's easy to get lost in the shuffle.
    • Customers are much savvier than ever before, due to the proliferation and immediate availability of information on virtually every subject and product. 

    All of this means that you have to fully (really) understand this market, the good and the bad, in order to be truly successful. 

    This is where market research comes in, it is an essential tool in understanding all the factors that directly affect how your business, that is to say your Brand, should behave and present itself online. Conducting thorough market research ensures that your business will achieve a high ROI.

    Our years of online market research and selling experience have accorded us laser eye precision for identifying the unique opportunities and challenges your business will face online. We utilize statistical and analytical methods to cover all the aspects of market research: 

    • Identifying overall market trends which will assist in product and website design as well as forecasting future demand
    • Analyzing growth opportunities
    • Conducting competitor overview as well as identifying your position compared to the competition
    • Determining target market, consumer behavior and needs
    • Evaluating and establishing best brand positioning
    • Pinpointing suitable and targeted advertising and promotions
    • Conducting social media research and identification of best pairing for your Brand
    • Researching and setting pricing policy
    • Identify best, most profitable options for product placement in various ecommerce sales channels

    Market research is the ground floor in the virtual building of your Business. This is where all the information enters and gets disseminated throughout your business. Make sure you have the right gathering and analytics tools in place..

    Don't get lost in the web of options - If you want to grow your sales, expand your brand online or get assistance with eCommerce activities contact us and you'll become the Stand Out in the web of your customer's options. 

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