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    360 eCommerce

    360 eCommerce

    360 Degree eCommerce - We aren’t just a piece of the puzzle, we are the answer!.

    Don’t waste your most precious commodity - time, by spinning in circles. As a 360 degree eCommerce solutions provider, DMT expedites success in the form of a comprehensive solution. We aren’t just a piece of the puzzle and don’t simply build websites. We manage all your online eCommerce needs, and we do it well.

    How do we do this?

    By offering both you and your customers the optimal online experience in the following areas: 

    E-Commerce Websites

    What does every successful enterprise have? A strong foundation. In a world of options, just as notable buildings draw attention, your online building, your website that houses your storefront must stand-out. Using proven methodologies, we work with you to create relevant content, employing all search engine optimization SEO parameters. Developing, designing and creating responsive ecommerce websites is our forte. Just take a look at any of our client sites on Our Brands page. 

    There’s a reason our sites actually sell products. As part of a comprehensive plan, your foundation will be supported by reliable tools and materials, proven to achieve an overall successful e-commerce experience.

    Advertising and Promotions

    What’s the point of having an amazing store if you don’t reach the customer base intended? We offer a catalogue of services, designed to bring customers to your site. We provide all the promotional activities most effective at driving customers to your site. Utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) strategies with major search engines like Google and Bing, your customer base has a continuous and uncapped potential for growth. 

    We not only focus on the user experience but the user interface, incorporating our extensive technical expertise to create spot-on landing and product pages. Also with our results driven approach we can manage your online public relations activities.  But we don’t stop there. 

    These days social media takes the cake in terms of exposure. The seemingly complicated psychology behind running successful social networks can easily bog down any team. We take that burden off your shoulders by offering design, content, promotion and advertising on any number of social networks, including: FaceBook Fan Pages, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo. We make it easy for you by creating the appropriate media content for various avenues, such as producing promotional videos that are then publicize on media outlets like YouTube, FaceBook and Vimeo. 

    Video Advertising and Marketing Solutions

    Just one aspect of our value added service is the invaluable tool of video advertising. To thrive, every manufacturer needs consistent, high quality videos and video specifically aimed at effectively advertising your product on the appropriate channels. YouTube is the second largest search engine. Just think about that. Why allow for missed or botched advertising because of a sub-par marketing plan? We protect you from those missed and potentially damaging opportunities using the true view model, one of the most effective ways to promote products and services today.

    Marketplace Sales

    While our familiarity with metrics and aesthetics, and our technological expertise in creating dynamic product advertising and marketing already provide a road to success, it’s our grasp of eCommerce as a whole that will set your business apart. We drive sales. Period. Using highly effective marketing and advertising, we take customers to the appropriate sales channels, offering them options. Customers have the opportunity to purchase your product on your website or via another marketplace that they are perhaps more comfortable with such as Amazon or Ebay and therefore apt to use. Just imagine the opportunities to sell your product on existing marketplaces and you don’t need to worry about not being familiar with them. We do all that!

    These days, anyone can have a website. Don’t be just anyone. Allow our team of experienced e-commerce experts to develop and implement a comprehensive sales driven plan to gain and guide customers through a proven lucrative experience, in any marketplace..

    Don't get lost in the web of options - If you want to grow your sales, expand your brand online or get assistance with eCommerce activities contact us and you'll become the Stand Out in the web of your customer's options. 

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