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    One Stop Online Selling Solution!

    Online sales are more complicated and more important to the survival of any business than ever before.  In order to come out on top you must build your brand presence and control over all the facets of the online marketplace. Only then will you be able to reach your Top Sales potential.

    What sets us apart and ensures your success? Cohesion. As a fully-integrated full-service company we are here for all of your online selling needs. Everything from developing product websites and placing your products in appropriate e-commerce channels to researching, managing, marketing, promoting and protecting those shops. We are your One Stop Online Selling Solution!

    Let us Jumpstart your Brand online with our complete suite of services:

    360 eCommerce

    Searching for a comprehensive solution for your online Brand presence and sales? We do it all; create and operate optimal sales channels and marketplaces, including Amazon and Ebay, create and execute your social media strategy and promotional activities, such as SEO, PPC and YouTube Videos, as well provide you logistics and fulfillment solutions.

    Amazon Services

    Our professional team is rooted in the world of eCommerce, and has a deep, specialized marketplace
    experience. Our clients benefit from a comprehensive marketplace solution that brings strategic insights, technology know-how and vision.
    We work with all the major marketplaces, such as eBay, Alibaba and
    Walmart, with a special focus on Amazon. Read More

    Market research and Online Sales

    Prior to creating the most advantageous and profitable sales channels, completion of preliminary data gathering and analysis is key. Our dedicated Market Research and Selling team does all the grunt work for you - market research including; trend identification and evaluation, strategic planning, competitor overview, developing unique pricing tools and more.

    Online Clients, Brands, Products

    Our catalogue of clients includes beauty and wellness device manufacturers of varying sizes and needs who are looking for solutions in building their online brand presence and online sales. While their products may be similar, the problems vary in scope and complexity. Our expansive team of experts diligently and methodically determines best course of action to produce desired results.

    Online Marketing Consulting

    We work with you to analyze your Brand’s unique needs and objectives and identify distinct goals for Brand Marketing and Sales. Next we create customized marketing plans contingent on the specified growth goals, and based on our comprehensive market research. Marketing plans include short and long term strategies as well as tactical plans and execution.


    One of our specialties is software development, the goal is to provide easy to use systems that facilitate recurrent & complicated business functions. Shipping System API is the link between ecommerce & shipping companies to simplify, automate, accelerate & lower costs of shipping. Repricing Tool allows for repricing based on customized preset parameters, & it optimizes prices continuously & automatically.

    Our Expert E-Commerce Consultants Are Here For You

    Let Us Help You Grow Your Sales on the Web!

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