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    Amazon Services

    Amazon Services

    Everything Marketplace

    In recent years, big marketplaces have become household names, and important channels for business growth. They are where sellers can join an existing platform with vast customer base - and sell more.

    But just like in every business arena, expertise is key, knowing how to manage your marketplace business to maximize sales.

    DMT offers you that and more. Our professional team is rooted in the world of eCommerce, and has deep, specialized marketplace experience. Our clients benefit from a comprehensive marketplace solution that brings strategic insights, technology know-how and vision.

    We work with all the major marketplaces, such as eBay, Alibaba and Walmart, with a special focus on Amazon.

    Why Amazon

    Amazon is one of the world’s most valuable companies, a tech giant, the greatest marketplace, a global leader of e-commerce, with hard to believe growth and influence.

    Amazon does not only lead in desktop retailing, but also in mobile commerce, adding up to about 49% of all online retail spend in the U.S.A. It’s a unique ecosystem, an evolving, ever-changing yet unstoppable force.

    Put simply, Amazon is too significant to ignore.

    Most sellers choose to join the marketplace that sells just about everything, and allows unlimited numbers of third-party sellers of all types and sizes to sell via its platform.

    Selling on Amazon

    This results in fierce competition, especially since sellers are not only competing against other sellers but also against Amazon itself, which sells a wide range of products.

    To start or increase your sales on Amazon, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. You must learn it fast, and you must stay ahead of the game.

    A successful Amazon business requires knowledge, experience and skills. It involves brand building, advanced marketing tools, analysis, customer reviews, shipping and delivery, and superb customer service.

    In this highly competitive arena, mistakes can be costly and irreversible.

    Amazon has many rules and regulations in place, and not complying with them creates a risk of being suspended or having Amazon shut down your account. Also, negative customer reviews cannot be erased so it’s important to do things right from the get-go.

    DMT Amazon Management

    This is why it’s crucial for sellers to partner with someone who truly understands Amazon’s opportunities and hurdles.

    DMT is your One Stop Amazon Solution.

    Our agency offers vast e-commerce expertise, coupled with extensive Amazon experience and proven success, on Amazon.com as well as globally.

    We work with our clients to build and optimize their Amazon presence, focusing on sales, page ranking and profit.

    As we professionally manage products and brands on Amazon, we are always up-to-date on latest changes, tools, regulations, and practices.

    Whether you are new to Amazon, or you’re an established Amazon business but believe you can improve your performance, DMT is the right choice for your growing success in the Amazon ecosystem.

    We can manage 100% of your Amazon business or just help you do better, the choice is yours.

    From making a decision regarding 1P, 3P or hybrid Amazon business, to becoming an Amazon Pro Merchant, using Amazon Advertising, managing Brand Registry to protect your brand, or finding shipping solutions, our team’s Amazon expertise is key to your success.

    • Product & Store Setup

      We research and strategize to help clients successfully set up a store, launch new products or optimize existing ones.

    • Content Optimization

      We create optimal content for Amazon’s algorithm, list your products with the best Amazon SEO to maximize visibility, and gain maximum conversion.

    • Advertising & Marketing

      We offer full management of Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brand, and expertise in managing Amazon Advertising.

    • Pricing

      Pricing is important in Amazon. Our algorithm-based repricing tool optimizes product pricing. It continuously tracks competitors’ pricing and automatically reprices your products, 24/7 and as often as needed.

    • Customer Reviews

      Understanding the critical importance of reviews, we work to maximize customer engagement to generate quality reviews that boost your sales.

    • Winning the Buy Box

      We track our clients’ products and offer insights to help them win the Buy Box, the best way to increase Amazon sales.

    • Fulfillment

      We help you make a decision between Vendor Central and Seller Central, as well as Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).

      Our team will advise on best inventory to meet Amazon’s demand model, and can also manage shipping, fulfillment, and returns for our clients.

    DMT is your One Stop Amazon Solution, offering invaluable professional services.

    Contact us and we’ll help you grow.

    Don't get lost in the web of options - If you want to grow your sales, expand your brand online or get assistance with eCommerce activities contact us and you'll become the Stand Out in the web of your customer's options. 

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