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    Online Marketing

    Online Marketing Consulting

    Now that your business has a solid online presence it’s time to build your brand; increase awareness, appeal to and capture new and quality customers, and generate more sales.
    The grunt work has been done and you have the tools in your Market Research toolbox to get you where you want to be.
    The trick is to know how to use the tools efficiently and effectively. This is where DMT LTD comes in!

    With 14 years experience in online marketplace consulting we are distinctly qualified to provide full digital marketing services based on our proven track record. We make you stand out in the crowd (or We make you stand out in the digital sea of options)! By utilizing our comprehensive marketing research of your business, industry trends, customers and competitors we are able to work with you to establish goals and objectives, and build a customized strategic marketing plan and methodology for achieving measurable results! 

    Based on the strategic marketing plan we’ve created we further develop and execute a tactical plan that can include all or any areas of digital communications that best suit your needs, positioned to fulfill the identified needs of your business:

    • SEO services - we use a proven Search Engine Optimization strategy for higher organic search placement
    • Website - identify and execute improvements or refurbishing of your website to keep customers engaged and convert to sales and for higher organic search placement
    • Social Media Marketing - promoting your brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  Youtube, Pinterest through content sharing and advertising activities 
    • Display Advertising - promotional activities including banner ads and rich media such as images, audio and video that go beyond the written word to appeal to customers
    • eCommerce marketplaces - carefully thought out and executed placement of your products in ecommerce marketplaces
    • PPC strategies - pay per click with major search engines like Google and Bing
    • Creation of targeted communications and promotional materials - engage and capture the right influencers and potential customers
    • Verify pricing strategy

    This integrated approach maximizes your budget and insures a high ROI, moreover it establishes a thriving Brand!

    Marketing is the core, or a well executed brand, of your business's building. The building could keep standing without it, just like a website can exist without any visitors, but a building without its core is just an empty shell. Don’t let that happen to your business!

    Don't get lost in the web of options - If you want to grow your sales, expand your brand online or get assistance with eCommerce activities contact us and you'll become the Stand Out in the web of your customer's options. 

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